Rushmore Rebels

old black and white photo of Mount Rushmore

One of our residents, Eldon S., boasts a trip to remember with his wife Margaret. In June 1941, the young couple got hitched and drove off on their honeymoon, stopping in Bemidji, Minnesota before venturing to the Dakotas.

While in the Black Hills, they stopped by the site of Mount Rushmore, which was in its last year of being built. The place was deserted except for a wooden ladder leaning up against one of the rocks. Margaret, in her spontaneity, ran up to the ladder and started climbing up. She yelled to Eldon to join and he followed behind her. They walked the top of George Washington’s head, enjoying the view, until it dawned on them to climb down before the ladder got moved! Eldon fondly recalls the memory, attesting to his wife’s adventurous spirit as the real motivation to their free-spirited shenanigans.